Finding a Babysitter

Finding a babysitter has always been a challenge. Before joining a babysitting coop, I searched craigslist for a good sitter for my son. And I found one; however, that was only half the battle. Having a single babysitter is not very efficient: the odds of her being available every time you need her is extremely low. And thus, you end up with many missed events or evenings out. As I did.

To solve the problem of not just finding sitters but scheduling them too, SittingAround is going to be releasing a new sitter scheduling product in the next few weeks. I can’t wait. I know it’s going to dramatically improve life for millions of families.

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SittingAround Goes to the White House

Yes, THAT White House.

I am so honored to have been selected as a ‘Champion of Change’ — a young CEO working to make a difference. I went down to DC last month and participated in a panel discussion at the White House, giving advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and talking about my experiences starting SittingAround. I was there with 9 other entrepreneurs who are each doing incredible things, including Jennifer Donogh, founder of the Young Female Entrepreneurs.

Despite miserably small shoes (you have no idea…) and no Barack sightings (though I did catch a glimpse of Bo), it was an amazing time. Here’s the video from our panel discussion on youth entrepreneurship.

Boston for the Summer!

The Ex, G, and I are off to Boston for the summer! SittingAround has been selected as a finalist in the MassChallenge Accelerator program, which means we’ll be hanging out working from the Boston waterfront all summer long. I’m thrilled! Since we leave tonight and our house is still not packed (oops), I’m keeping this short.

In the spirit of this summer’s adventure, here’s another Alec Baldwin / John Krasinski gem. You’re welcome.

My Son, the Author

When I was a child, my favorite thing to do was write stories. My mother still has (somewhere?) the first story I ever wrote. “Watch the Flower Grow” is a tale of a small seed that — you guessed it! — grows into a beautiful flower. Free play time from ages 5 through 10 was consumed by story creation, and I dreamed of becoming a novelist when I grew up.

Flash forward twenty years and it seems G has gotten the bug. Lately, he has been commandeering every piece of printer paper he can find, producing multiple books per day. Sometimes he will transcribe the story himself; others, he will get frustrated with his inability to spell quickly and enlist the spelling skills of the Ex or me.

His latest piece is actually a compilation called, “The Days.” It will have (when finished) 30 stories — “one for each day” (presumably in a month). Each story involves a family and what they do on that day. The words are G’s own and he of course does the illustrations himself. I need to scan images of this book and post them up — it’s adorable beyond words and fills me with pride.

“You know, Mommy wanted to be an author when I was your age,” I told him.

“Are you an author now?” he asked.

“Well, no…”

“Why not?”

I decided it was best not to launch into a conversation about abandoned dreams and changed the subject. Thankfully, he didn’t press me on the topic — he had stories to create.