Stephen Colbert, American Patriot

“Stephen T. Colbert is a man of many talents and a patriot. A man who isn’t afraid to ask: Nation, what else can you name after me? In his quest to aggrandize himself he has managed, inadvertently, to enrich American politics. In honor of this utterly selfish man, we present the top five contributions to himself (that have also contributed to American politics).”

I just did my very first guest post over on the Carnival of Politics (and was honored to be their very first guest poster, as well). The topic is “Top Five Stephen T. Colbert Contributions to American Politics.” Please check it out if you’re interested and go over and Digg it, too.

How I Spend My Free Time

(The lovey trio of job stress + boundary-pushing toddler + sinus infection has left me sleep-deprived and unable to cogently gather my thoughts into anything worth reading, so I thought I would instead share one of my favorite comics of all time. It sums me up pretty perfectly.)

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