Hi there. I’m Erica. I’m the founder of the babysitting coop site, SittingAround, and full-time working mom to a snarky five eight-year old named Gavin. I am many things; however, a “free range parent” I am definitely not. In fact, I am the mother who “forgets” to take her child’s bike helmet off at the park. (Oops.) I am quite confident that as a result of my parenting style, Gavin will have a fully developed set of neuroses by age ten. This site was originally started to create a record of Gavin’s early years, mostly for my family’s sake when we lived 3,000 miles away in Seattle. While I still write about Gavin, I now also post on politics, parenting, societal trends, food, Angry Birds – whatever strikes me as interesting and relevant.

The Players (aka the Ex and Gavin)

The Ex: The father of Gavin. Yes, it’s complicated. Yes, he has the patience of a saint.  He is constantly puzzled by the situations I get myself into (see: My Blog is Baaaaaack!)

Gavin: My adorable, mischievous, inquisitive, terror-inducing son. He is both the greatest source of joy in my life as well as the reason I spend so much money coloring my hair. He is was a Thomas the Train connoisseur for years (I’m no longer allowed to reference such things in his presence), enjoys a fine glass of apple juice, and pees passive-aggressively when angry. I love him to pieces.

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