Tooth Fairy Trauma

My now 6 yo (!), G, lost his first tooth yesterday afternoon. He was SO excited about losing his tooth and, seemingly, about the Tooth Fairy as well. Toward the early part of the evening, however, he started asking questions like: ‘Do I need to keep the tooth under my pillow?’ and ‘How does the Tooth Fairy use the teeth to do her magic?’ (You got me.)

Well, I went off to dinner with a friend, leaving the Ex to play Tooth Fairy after G went to sleep. Things did not go smoothly to say the least. When I arrived home, the Ex was blogging about the evening’s tribulations. It’s both hilarious and heart-breaking. Rather than paraphrase, I’ll let you read about it directly. Head on over to the blog to find out what the Tooth Fairy and a mobster have in common.

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