Sitting Around is coming!!

Show of hands – (not like I can count them, I know, but go with it):

  • Are you a parent?
  • Do you think babysitting is expensive?
  • If you could save money by trading babysitting with parents you know and trust, would you?

If you ever visit my blog, you KNOW that I gush endlessly about my babysitting co-op. It’s a group of parents in my neighborhood who trade babysitting with each other. By being a member of my babysitting co-op, I saved over $500 last year. And? I met a bunch of great families!

Interested in starting your own babysitting co-op? Check out Sitting Around!

Sitting Around is a website that helps you quickly create and easily manage your own babysitting co-op. It’s currently in private testing, but we’re launching to the public soon. Go and request your early invitation now! I am so excited to be able to share this with you.

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