A post to my son, on your 5th birthday

Five years ago, on the night before you were born, I lay awake in bed wondering. Who were you? What would you look like? What would your personality be? I was so anxious and excited to meet you.

And then, at 5:55 pm the next day, you arrived. A happy, healthy and mellow baby with a head full of dark hair and narrow, dark eyes that had not yet taken on their brown hue.

You hated your crib. You cried hysterically every time I put you down. And that’s when you met Sasa, the small dog given to you by Auntie Sarah. Sasa was the only thing that calmed you down when you were two days old, and she remains the thing that calms you down five years later. After a busy day, you still curl up on the couch to suck your thumb and cuddle Sasa.

Over the past five years, I have watched you grow into an astonishingly bright and inquisitive child. You amaze me every day. In the past six months, you have learned to read – and are starting to read books on your own! – and you have learned basic addition and subtraction. You do 500-piece puzzles with ease. All this before even entering Kindergarten. You love to learn and are constantly trying to figure out why things work the way they do. I love hearing your hypotheses on the workings of the world.

You have a wonderful and sometimes impish sense of humor. You know I startle easily and often use this to your advantage. Your favorite book at the moment is the Mo Williems tale, “We Are in a Book!” We must have read it over fifty times by now. And yet, every time the reader says “Banana,” you burst out in hysterics as though it were the first time you’d heard the joke. Your laughter is truly infectious, even when the punchline is “stinky” — as it so often is these days.

You have a love for technology. Every chance you get, you are downloading apps onto your father’s and my phones. You requested your own iPhone for your birthday (but that isn’t happening – five is not the age when you get your own phone). You adore taking pictures and snap photos every chance you get. You’re about to inherit my old digital camera — which, given the amount you use it, is really yours anyway.

You are sensitive and sweet. You are always trying to do things for your father and me, whether it be making us presents, coloring pictures for us, or making me jewelry. You know that I loved My Little Pony as a child and are constantly on the lookout for Pony-themed gifts.

Happy 5th birthday, my son. You have grown into an amazing little boy and I am so honored to be your mother.

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