Can You Predict Your Baby’s Hair Color?

This is a question I get asked a lot: what will my baby’s hair color be? Unlike eye color, which is much easier to predict, hair color varies quite a bit. While it’s not possible to predict a baby’s hair color before birth, there are some clues that can help you predict what your child’s hair color will be:

1. What hair color do the parents have?
Light hair is recessive, so if you have two light-haired parents, it is unlikely you’ll wind up with a raven-haired infant. One light haired and one dark haired parent will typically produce a child who is somewhere in between – but closer to the darker haired parent.

2. Are there recessive genes in the family? While my own hair is black as night, my mother is a natural blonde. I know that I carry her recessive blonde gene and could, in theory, produce a light-haired child. Red hair is a recessive trait that often – and surprisingly – pops up.

3. What is the child’s hair color at birth? Babies’ hair tends to darken rather than lighten, so chances are good that your infant will grow into a child with hair that is one – two shades darker than it is at birth. Know that children’s hair color (and texture!) changes many times before adulthood.

My son was born with straight black hair that became auburn and curly by his second birthday. Now, at age four, he has wavy, medium brown hair. Mama (me) has wavy black hair and Dad (the Ex) has straight dirty blonde hair.

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4 Replies to “Can You Predict Your Baby’s Hair Color?”

  1. my husband has ginger /light brown hair now but had red hair when born, i have brown hair but had blonde/ fair hair when i was born, my husband dad is a red headed and my dad was red headed when borned and untill he was in his late teens and then went brown. both our mothers are black headed, what do you think will be the colour of our child hair.

  2. I have (( natural, which is odd )) brownish, reddish blonde with a little black curly hair almost in spirals and brown eyes that range from hazel to dark dark brown (( they change in lighting )) and my boyfriend had straight dark brown hair that’s a little gold and medium brown eyes. He has a 50/50 blue brown gene and I have a 20/40/40 blue, green, brown gene. His parents both have brown hair and eyes and my mom has dark brown hair and light brown eyes and my dad has white blonde hair and greens eyes. Both his parents have full brown eyed gene and my mom has 75/25 brown blue eyed gene and my dad has 50/50 blue green eyed gene…. What would my boyfriend and my kids look like? :3

  3. the whole thing about baby’s hair darkening after birth–that cant be true. both my parents are blond haired naturally–my mother a light blond my dad a honey color with red in it–my brothers and i were all born with dark brown curly hair, now all three of us have blond hair–none of us dye or highlight our natural color. even our eyebrows are blond! both my brothers have red in their blond facial hair. Also, my friend’s baby was born with jet black hair and now she has strawberry blond hair.

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