Thomas & Friends, Story of My Life

I noticed a lot of people are searching for “Tales from the Tracks” and finding my blog, disappointed that it’s not a site dedicated to Thomas & Friends. In truth, it is a site both inspired by Thomas & Friends (that is where the title, Tales from the Tracks, came from) and one where Thomas is discussed an unhealthy amount. I often feel like I am living smack in the middle of the Island of Sodor.

So, if you’re looking for Thomas & Friends DVDs, I have added a page called “Thomas Movies” to this site. You can buy Thomas & Friends DVDs directly from Amazon there (and you don’t even have to leave my site!). There is a lot of hype around Misty Island Rescue, but I personally prefer Hero of the Rails. (G would disagree, but he’s also very influenced by advertising.) You can even buy the classic Thomas & Friends Tales from the Tracks there – complete with toy train, if your heart so desires (and you’re a more generous parent than I.)

So happy shopping, you useful engines. And full steam ahead!

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