Quick Thank You to That Crazy Blonde Lady

Aka my mother. (When she couldn’t decide what she wanted G to call her – “Nana makes me sound too old” – I decided for her. Crazy Blonde Lady it was.)

Usually I bitch and moan about the traits I inherited from my mother and I wage war daily in my quest NOT to become her. However, there is one very important trait that I inherited from her for which I am ever grateful: my metabolism.

I write this after having consumed my second pound (yes, pound) of chocolate covered almonds today. I buy these almonds from Costco because I eat so many of them. And because Costco makes them so freaking delicious. (Seriously, what addictive substance do you slip in there?)

Given the pounds of choco almonds I have consumed over the past few months, I should, by any humanly account, be morbidly obese. And yet I can still wear the same jeans I wore in college.

For that, Crazy Blonde Lady, I thank you.

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