It Feels Like the First Day of School

Except it isn’t.

I’m the fool in this situation, undoubtedly. G has been going to the same preschool for nearly four years. I should have remembered that his school is ALWAYS closed the day after Labor Day. But, being the Bird Colonel of the Observant Army (thanks to the Ex for THAT moniker), I did not. Instead, I woke early, showered, got myself and G ready, packed a lunch, packed my laptop, packed a new set of clothes for him, and packed us both into the car and drove to school, chattering about how exciting the first day in his new class would be.

And then I proceeded to drive us back home again. Seems as though the ‘Grand Old Duke of York’ would be a more fitting title for me. (Reference? Anyone?)

I’m of course stressed (I have to work from home) and G is of course thrilled. Truth be told, he’s a bit unsure about the new classroom – the last before he heads off to kindergarten next fall, I might anxiously add. Our conversation about it went like this…

Me: Yay! Room 6! Are you excited?

G: No, I don’t want to go to Room 6.

Me (thinking it must be on account of the new teacher or the new environment): Why not?

G: Because of the towels.

Me: The towels? What towels?

G: The ones in the bathroom.

Me: But you use the same bathroom as you did in Room 5.

G: Yes, but we use different towels to dry our hands. I don’t like them.

And there you have it. Room 6 towels are inferior to those in Room 5.

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2 Replies to “It Feels Like the First Day of School”

  1. Oh, The grand old Duke of York,
    He had ten thousand men;
    He marched them up to the top of the hill,
    And he marched them down again.

    And when they were up, they were up,
    And when they were down, they were down,
    And when they were only half-way up,
    They were neither up nor down

    Sorry you had a rough start to your day! I like the Bird Colonel, myself. 🙂

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