Free Babysitting is Better than Paid Babysitting

In my quest to understand how Americans consume babysitting, what affects their consumption, and how that consumption is changing, I’ve created a survey that gets at many of the questions parents want to know. If you are a parent and would like to contribute your experiences, Click here to take survey.

While the full survey results will not be released for a few more weeks, there is an interesting piece of information emerging: parents are almost twice as satisfied with the quality of the free babysitting they receive as they are with the paid babysitting. Two-thirds of parents surveyed (67%) said they were “Extremely satisfied” with the quality of free babysitting, compared to just over one-third (38%) who said the same about paid babysitters.

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With almost every other product or service we consume, the opposite tends to be true – we pay a price in order to get better quality. But with babysitting, the free ones – the friends, the family members, etc. – provide the best care. Maybe it’s because they know and love your kids, maybe it’s because they are parents themselves, or maybe it’s because they’re friends of yours whom you trust. So, if free babysitters are so much better than paid sitters, the question remains: why aren’t more people using free babysitters? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the topic!

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