My Parents Joined Facebook

In stumbling around the Internet, I came across a funny site entitled “Oh, Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook.”

I joined facebook in 2004, as a senior at Harvard (the school where the site originated). My member number (the order in which you joined the site, relative to everyone else) was in the hundreds. Facebook now boasts millions of users. Though I am late 20s, I felt no shame in my social networking addiction.

Until my parents joined. And my crazy relatives. And they all friended me. Not only did they friend me, but they started posting on my wall and messaging me PROFUSELY.

Suddenly, I saw a vision of myself 20 years from now. I hope to god I have enough self awareness not to put Gavin through what my “I’m 20-something still, aren’t I?” relatives are currently putting ME through.

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