Potty Training Tips

I am so sick of people peeing all over my house. (And no, we’re not talking about my Ex being drunk.)

My soon-to-be three year old does this Jekyll and Hyde act. At school, he parades around in a dry diaper all day, politely using the potty whenever the urge strikes him. His teachers insist he is potty-trained and want to move him up to the next classroom where the kids no longer where diapers.

I refuse. Why, you ask? Well, once home, Mr. Potty Trained turns into a peeing machine. We put him in underwear – he peed right through them. We put him in pull-ups training pants – he adjusted himself such that he was able to pee outside the training pants without actually wetting himself. While very resourceful, he did wind up wetting my couch.

We make the potty available to him. We encourage him to use the potty instead of diapers / pull-ups / underwear. I’ve even bribed the kid with ice cream. (In my defense, my Ex bribed him with a pet goldfish.) Nothing.

Does anyone out there have any potty-training tips for me? I am getting really, really tired of waking up to the sound of “Uh-oh, Mommy. I peed on my bed.”

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4 Replies to “Potty Training Tips”

  1. Bribery. That’s my only suggestion because if he’s able to pee in the potty at day care, he knows what to do. He’s just choosing not to for some reason.

  2. LOL…sounds like our house last year! My granson did a lot of the same things you described, we tried all the tricks, we begged, we bribed, we encouraged! One day he just decided enough was enough and that today I am going to be a big boy and go in the potty! That was it! Just a few bedtime accidents. He is such a strong willed little boy, but when he decides he’s ready, that’s all it takes. Believe me, we thought he would be wearing a pullup to his wedding!

  3. I’m sorry, but I laughed so hard when I read this, but have NO helpful hints, as I only have girls. This did take me back to the time when one peed in the middle of the living room during my Mary Kay party!

  4. M&Ms worked with all three of my children, but I did have one stubborn one. You cannot expect him to stay dry at night…and one of mine didn’t make it through the night until almost kindergarten. But you can expect him to go at home if he’s going, even with the distraction of school. Sounds like a demand for your attention. Perhaps if you make him clean up his pee next time, he’ll decide it’s worth going in the potty. (If he can manipulate the pull-up to pee out of it, he knows what he’s doing.) Try some outrageous responses, because you know what they say: “Insanity is trying the same thing and expecting a different response.” So surprise him with your response and he might stop. 🙂

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