Holiday Sales, It’s ON!

Lately, I have spent much of my time patrolling websites like J.Crew and Bluefly, looking to see if any of the million or so items I have recently purchased have been reduced further in price.

Everyday, Bluefly sends me emails with their “lowest price of the season” or “biggest sale of the year.” While these emails, taken together, signify nothing, I cannot help but panic. Did I buy my jeans at the peak? I wonder. I often feel like an investor who got duped into buying stock right before the market tanked. These emails taunt me so.

My natural recourse, of course, is to hop on their website and see if all the jeans I bought have been marked down. Instead of searching for the products on my own, though, I now simply IM the sales reps – aka “flyshionistas” – who find my goods and credit me whatever difference I am owed.

I seriously spend so much time IMing these flyshionistas that they know me. I literally had one say to me today, “Oh you’re Erica.”

Perhaps it is a sign I shop too much. Of course, once I am on the site, I cannot help but browse a little bit. You know, to check out all the new deals 😉

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