How Tall Will My Baby Be?

People stop and stare when I carry my “baby” in public. That is because my son, who is just a month shy of three, stands a whopping 3′ 3 tall, while I come in at a measly 5′ 2. My carrying him is quite a sight – his legs dangle past my knees and our heads are virtually the same size! Still, he insists that he is my baby and, as such, requests that I carry him frequently. There will come a day when he is too large for me to carry (likely very soon!) so I indulge him while I still can.

So just how tall can I expect my baby to grow? Well, the rule of thumb is to double the child’s height at age two. At two years, Gavin stood 3 feet even, so that puts his adult height somewhere around 6 feet.

I like to say that Gavin got the best of my Ex’s and my genes. With regard to his stature, I am very thankful he appears to take after his 6’2 father.

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3 Replies to “How Tall Will My Baby Be?”

  1. Diet apparently has a LOT to do with this. Americans are now the tallest people in the world on average, apparently, and I think you should research into what sort of foods your tiny tot should be eating to encourage this.

    Great and fascinating blog!

    Greetings and lots of love from Zimbabwe

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