Facebook Removes Breastfeeding Photos

Sometimes, I can get really worked up over things. (My Ex would argue I always get worked up over things.) But this one is just plain infuriating. After all, there is nothing I detest more than ignorance and stupidity.

Facebook has recently been removing breastfeeding photos they deem “sexually explicit” or “pornography.” These are women’s photos showing themselves breastfeeding their babies. In some of these photos you can reportedly – gasp! – see their nipples.

You know, it’s times like these that I am reminded that Facebook originated in the college dorm rooms of 19-year old boys. Are they giggling as they remove this “porn”? Emailing it to their buddies? I mean, get over it. Breasts are not sexual – they are food sources for babies. It is our society that sexualizes them…through actions just like this.

Facebook, if you’re going to remove breastfeeding photos, you really ought to remove bottle-feeding ones as well. Summed up by one of my favorite quotes, “If breastfeeding in public makes people uneasy because the breasts are considered sexual, then bottle-feeding must be the equivalent of whipping out a dildo.”

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6 Replies to “Facebook Removes Breastfeeding Photos”

  1. So, I’m totally with you on the fact that breastfeeding is normal, natural etc. and have ZERO problem with anyone who breastfeeds in public. But why is someone posting breastfeeding pictures to FB? Is it pictures of a mom and her baby and she just happened to be breast feeding or are they specifically posting breastfeeding related pics? It it’s the latter, I’m not sure I get why they would do that.

  2. @ Jen – Oh, I agree. I haven’t seen the pics in question, so I am assuming they are part of an album of family / baby pics. It would seem weird to post specifically breastfeeding pics (unless it’s in response to this recent action).

  3. I’m done with my breastfeeding days, but these things still get me worked up. I always hated feeling like I should hide in a public toilet rather than feed my baby in public.

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