Washer and Dryer Are in the House!

If my Ex doesn’t pop a major blood vessel in his head this week, I will declare it a victory. The poor thing has been oh-so-stressed about the appliance fiasco which finally culminated yesterday in the arrival of a washer and dryer (nearly one full month after their originally planned delivery date).

The new washer and dryer, which are the smallest ones we could find┬áthat still qualify as standard size, are still too large. When our place was being built, it appears the laundry room was not constructed according to the blueprints. The few inches they shaved off (I think by accident) mean the difference between a nice laundry room and two white albatross’ sticking out into my hallway. Not to mention the fact that we no longer have an accessible linen closet.

My poor Ex paces the house, green tape measure in hand, occasionally pausing to examine the dimensions of a door way or a wall. I think he keeps hoping that if he measures walls enough, they will somehow change. Up til now, there has been no luck on that front. But he’s holding out hope.

(Sometimes, the tape measure sleeps beside my Ex, resting delicately on the night table. I can only imagine this is so that upon awakening, my Ex loses no time in resuming his home examination.)

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that we are probably going to have to reconfigure some walls in our *brand new* house. It’s frustrating, especially since they were drawn correctly in the plans – they just weren’t built that way.

I’m not sure how well my Ex is going to hold up during the construction process.

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