Riot at Best Buy

I’m planning to go and cause some hell. Why? Because I am a woman without laundry.

My new washer and dryer were supposed to be here two weeks ago. But, they didn’t fit and we had to exchange them. So Best Buy promised to have our new ones here tomorrow. Then, this afternoon, they left a voicemail saying they would “probably be here in about a week.” What? What does that even mean? What exactly is probably? How do they not have clarity into this? Aren’t we in a recession? Aren’t retailers suffering? If you want our business, you better not “probably” bring me my washer and dryer – you better get them here. Now.

I have been wearing a really eclectic collection of outfits lately. The Ex and I only packed clothes for about 5 days – the amount of time we expected it would take for our washer and dryer to arrive. Since they haven’t, I have been mixing and matching the same two pairs of pants with three or four shirts. Underwear gets washed in the sink. The Ex wears whatever he finds on the floor; Gavin wears the cleanest clothes I can find for him.

It’s a sad state. Tomorrow is my office holiday party and the attire is semi-formal. The best I can do with what is clean are jeans and a silk halter. It’s that or a polo dress.

I don’t even have sweatpants. What am I supposed to do without sweatpants??? I think Best Buy should buy me a new pair!

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6 Replies to “Riot at Best Buy”

  1. Do they have laundromats where you live? I have to say, your response to this incident doesn’t really bode well for you in an evolutionary sense.

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