NyQuil Hangover

I am not in a good way today. I somehow managed to overdose on NyQuil two nights ago.

I was feeling sick and in need of some NyQuil goodness to soothe me to sleep. I called my Ex, who was out running errands with his mother. “Can you pick me up some NyQuil?” I asked. Since he wasn’t going to be back for a while, he told me to rummage around the house, as he thought there might be a few capsules lying around. Sure enough, I found two of them!

Since I didn’t have the box, I wasn’t sure what a normal dose was. (And usually, I take half a normal dose, since I am so small.) Of course, I did the rational thing and took both pills. Before long, I was passed out in bed.

Well, about an hour later, my Ex arrived home. Very thoughtfully, he had picked me up a bottle of NyQuil. He poured a healthy dose and brought it in to the bedroom for me. He coaxed me to a sitting position and handed me the cup. “Here you go,” he said proudly.

I was too out of it to realize I shouldn’t be taking more NyQuil and the room was too dark for my Ex to realize the state I was in. Suffice to say, I drank it.

I finally awoke at 3pm the following day, having completely missed work. My body ached. My eyelids were heavy. I felt severely hung over. I spent the remainder of yesterday in slow motion, barely able to perform basic functions like showering or eating.

Today, I am feeling mostly better, though a little jittery still. I’m not sure how long this stuff takes to work it’s way out of your system. Hopefully, it will be soon!

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4 Replies to “NyQuil Hangover”

  1. Wow! That stuff is hard core. I firmly believe NyQuil was invented not really to make you feel better, but rather to make you so out of it that you don’t realize how crappy you actually feel.

  2. Have you ever heard that song by Dennis Leary? About how NyQuil is a drug and that’s why it has the big giant Q on the box? “NyQuil NyQuil we love you, big f*@3$ing Q!” Hehehe.
    I’m sorry you were so out of it-that stuff is horrible. I think you’d be better off drinking a hot toddy than that stuff.

  3. Hi Erica,
    I hope you’re feeling better. You can always call home and we’ll send some. Just a joke!! Your writing is impeccable.
    Love you.

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