We Bought a House!

I can’t believe the Ex and I actually did it. We’ve been talking about it since we moved here in 2006 – though I suppose arguing about it is more accurate. (I wanted to buy; he said the market was out of whack. Turns out, he was right. I’m glad we waited.)

We found the perfect place at a really good price! It’s new, it’s beautiful, and it’s right near a huge park for Gavin. My Ex found the place online and called me at work after seeing it in person. “I found our new house,” he said. “I trust your judgement,” was my reply. And sure enough, upon seeing it myself, I agreed with his decision.

Fast forward to this afternoon when my Ex called me at work. He was at the Home Depot with his mother. “Guess what?” he said excitedly. “I found our new washer and dryer.”

“Oh no you didn’t,” I said.


“You think you’re choosing a washer and dryer without my input? Are you crazy?”

My Ex was left scratching his head, wondering why on earth I would trust him with a home purchase and yet wouldn’t with a washer and dryer. I can’t explain it myself, but something about him choosing my appliances really irked me. Especially because he picked a dryer that would, when stacked, require a step stool for me to use. Nice.

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8 Replies to “We Bought a House!”

  1. That is too funny. We bought our house under similar circumstances. We had been looking for awhile and both knew what the ohter had to have and what was a “bonus” . When hubby called after looking at this house and told me about it, I told him to put in a bid, without ever seeing it.
    When it was time for a new dryer last year he wanted to “just go get one” I was like, “here’s the model # and DO NOT come home with anything different! We both live in the house, we do NOT both do the laundry, lol.

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