Sarah Palin, Get Off My Blog!

I know I write about politics a fair amount, so it’s not surprising that the Google logic displays political ads on my blog. However, since I write about how much I really dislike Sarah Palin and John McCain, you’d think their algorithm would be smart enough to recognize that and not display ads from their campaign.

Seriously, if I have to look at one more “McCain-Palin: The Original Mavericks” ad (complete with night backdrop and stars), I am going to lose it. On the bright side, however, every time someone clicks on a McCain ad on my blog, it is ten cents less the McCain campaign has to spend. So, maybe displaying these ads is actually a good thing? Liberals, click away!

In brighter news, just two weeks to the election! Woo-hoo!

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5 Replies to “Sarah Palin, Get Off My Blog!”

  1. I used to have a career oriented blog and I would bash Careerbuilder and Monster, and the ads Google would provide were always links to those two sites. I feel your pain.

    I am also looking forward to this election, and the campaign ads to disappear.

  2. I was going to write you and tell you how funny I thought this post was, then I looked over at one of the ads next to it and nearly fell off my chair laughing.

    It said, “Gay Political Opinion. You too can be gay– it’s free with a money back guarantee!”

    What the heck?? LOL!

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