I Need to Rein It In

So, it may come as a little bit of a shocker, I’m sure, but I run a kind of tight ship around here. I like my house clean, my boys well-behaved, and my nights calm and relaxing.

Tonight, after rushing from work to attend an open house at Gavin’s school, then rushing to get dinner for my family, and finally rushing home to watch Round 3 of the madness (aka the Debate), I was exhausted. After the debate, I began cleaning the house, washing dishes, and doing laundry. I asked my Ex to “keep an eye on Gavin.” Well, my Ex interpreted that as “sit on the couch and chat online.” As I watched my Ex luxuriate on the microfiber, I started to fume. When I looked over to see our son, under my Ex’s “watch,” rubbing moisturizer all over the couch, I finally exploded. And not in a small way.

I told my poor Ex exactly what I thought of having to do everything around here. I say poor because my Ex has been recently diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I suspect he was not having a good day, even before I launched into Bitchfest 2008. I think that I was very, very mean based on the defeated look on my Ex’s face. (To his credit, he wound up dumping a well-deserved bowl of – dry – Lucky Charms over my head.)

Anyway, I need to work on being nicer and less emotional. I really need to reign the crazy Jewishness in, at least for my Christian Ex’s sake.


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8 Replies to “I Need to Rein It In”

  1. @Hello: wow, you must be VERY busy to spend your time pointing out spelling and grammatical errors on blogs. I’ll give you 10 blogs, and I bet there will be a typo on 9 of them. I’d also be willing to bet that if you would’ve included your own URL, we’d find a typo or two. Find a new hobby.

    Erica, I can completely relate to your plight! It is tough dealing with kids, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc., while the other adults in the house don’t help. Or when they do, it ends up creating more work for you (like cleaning up moisturizer). Everyone needs to let off some steam. At least you realize that your hurtful words don’t help. Next time, skip the mean words and save the poor Lucky Charms. 🙂

  2. I’d actually consider it neither a grammatical nor a spelling error; I’d call it a diction error. A diction (or grammatical or spelling) error is actually completely different from a typo. A typo occurs when your finger slips and you type the wrong letter or series of letters even though you intended to type them correctly. Typing “thwir” instead of “their” is a typo.

    I actually don’t have a URL because, as you noted, I am VERY busy, but you can be sure that if I did, you wouldn’t find any grammatical, spelling, or diction mistakes (or typos), because I would take the time to review my work before I send it off for the world to see.

    The one legitimate criticism you make is that my comment is rather petty: guilty as charged. Basically, I spent a bunch of time reading the political posts on this blog, realized that there wasn’t enough time in the day to correct all of the misguided and untenable claims, and concluded that the one service I could provide was correcting a small error like this.

    I like to think of myself like a doctor who realizes he can’t cure every patient, but says to himself, “At least I can cure THIS one!”

  3. It is obvious you are incredibly busy and I admire your grasp of the English language, rules and all. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, yet again, during your busy day to provide a scintillating grammar lesson.

    If you want to be technical about it, while diction can refer to a person’s choice of words, the term is more commonly associated with enunciation and speaking clearly. If I wanted to be so petty as to point out the error, I would have informed Erica that she made a homophone mistake.

  4. Touche. I’ve never heard the term diction used in that manner, but I’ll take your word for it. You make a fair point on “homophone mistake” being a better way to describe the error.

  5. Okay- so I’m not even going to chime in on the Hello vs. Web-Betty thing going on here . But seriously? A bowl of Lucky Charms over the head? Hell to the NO!

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