Boo, Sarah Palin. Booooo!

“Well gosh darn it, you Pennsylvanians! Dontcha know I’m a hockey mom! And this here’s my daughter Piper – and look! She’s wearin’ a Flyers’ jersey. You can’t boo me now. I brought my kids. I mean, you just can’t boo Piper.”

Apparently, they can – you moron.


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2 Replies to “Boo, Sarah Palin. Booooo!”

  1. Puck Palin.

    Gawd, that woman makes my gorge rise. Do all vice-presidential candidates *kiss* people? And she still waves like a friggin’ beauty queen. Way to use your kids. Must be the other one is too pregnant to be out on the ice.

    What was the purpose of this? To throw out a puck? Yeah, that ought to get her some votes.

    What a maroon.

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