John McCain is a Class(less) Act

By now, I’m sure most of you heard about John McCain’s infamous use of “That One” to address Barack Obama at Tuesday’s Presidential Debate. It’s indicative of McCain’s tone throughout the entire debate – callous, bitter, seething, disrespectful. “That One” will likely go down as a major flub in McCain’s already appalling Presidential campaign.

However, it wasn’t McCain’s worst offense that evening. At the end of the debate, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, went around shaking hands with people in the audience. John McCain did the same while his wife, Cindy, trailed behind him like a confused puppy. When McCain passed by Obama, Obama reached out to shake McCain’s hand. McCain pointed at his wife, instructing Obama to shake Cindy’s hand first (implying, I think, that Obama was rude for not reaching out to the Barbie Doll first) – which Obama did.

McCain then turned away! He did not shake Barack Obama’s hand! It’s mind-baffling that someone who deigns to be President would conduct himself so callously – and on national television, too. I mean, at least pretend, man. The whole country is watching you!

Here is the video of the incident:

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5 Replies to “John McCain is a Class(less) Act”

  1. Ya, McCain wasn’t very polite. I loved at the end when Barack and his wife hung out with the audience members, chatting with them, taking pictures, and shaking their hands. Maybe McCain had a flight to catch, and that’s why he left, but I’m not sure. I love that Barack is a people person. Obviously, that’s important in a president.

  2. No Blare, the only experience McCain is being a POW and being a na**.

    You can have an intelligent and polite leader. Obama, as smart as he is, knows that he is not the smartest man in the room. That to me is the best qualification someone in leadership should have.


  3. I did not watch the entire debate because I felt both candidates were reciting their same lines from the first debate and I wasn’t hearing anything new.

    I missed the handshake incident, but it’s not surprising. To be fair to McCain it looked like Obama did not make a big deal about it so maybe we are blowing it way out of proportion. Although, he could’ve easily exchanged a handshake with Obama in the same time while he sat there pointing at Cindy McCain. Kind of awkward, for sure.

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