Thomas and Friends Online, Where Art Thou?

Okay, so despite having spent the better part of the evening glued to my television set and despite having a boatload of comments on tonight’s town hall-style presidential debate, I am going to write about something even nearer and dearer to my heart than politics: Thomas the Tank Engine.

You see, every night before bed, Gavin and I go to to “play Thomas games” before he goes to sleep. It’s part of our nighttime routine – and a critical one at that. Well, tonight, when I went to the Thomas the Tank Engine website, I found that the site was down!

How could such a thing happen? Don’t they have backup measures in place? Don’t they understand the perils they place parents in with such negligent website maintenance?

Apparently, they have never encountered a two-year old who expected Thomas the Tank Engine, only to receive “The webpage cannot be found.” I have. And I’ll tell you this – it ain’t pretty.

I promise to give my commentary on tonight’s debate once my Thomas-induced anger settles down. In the meantime, I’m crafting a nasty letter to HIT Entertainment.

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