The Vice Presidential “Debate”

After watching this evening’s Vice Presidential debate – with my Ex, a close college friend, and a few beers – I am more convinced than ever that Sarah Palin is not simply an embarrassment to Americans but an utter affront to feminism.

I won’t belabor the point that she knows nothing, but holy hell – she knows NOTHING. Her lack of information and facts is altogether stunning, while her disdain for analysis and intellectual discussion leaves me utterly breathless. During her gubernatorial race in Alaska, she mocked opponents for being too detail-oriented and preoccupied with facts. Tonight, she reaffirmed why she is so defensive against those who argue using information – she doesn’t have any information TO use.

Aside from displaying her brilliant breadth of vacant thoughts, Palin reaffirmed negative stereotypes of women. She “got cute” whenever she didn’t have a good answer to a question, winking and smiling and sprinkling in a serious of repugnant “gee whizzes” and “gosh darns.” She also seemed extremely defensive and often times emotional. Perhaps McCain’s advisers forgot to explain to Sarah Palin that the objective of a debate is not to pettily mock your opponent or flirt with the audience. I mean, this isn’t the Miss Alaska Pageant …or something.

My Ex ran across the street to grab beer after the debate and chatted with the 7-Eleven clerk who had watched the debate as well. I think the best description of Sarah Palin’s performance came from this man with broken English:

“She looks like she is driving around in circles, looking for a parking spot.”

My thoughts exactly.

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