Moving to Canada, Eh?

I’m getting tired of the United States. I know that makes me sound ungrateful, for I’ve been quite fortunate to have been born into life in a developed country where I had the ability to make a good life for myself.

But I am getting really fatigued with a less-than-critical, less-than-educated population making stubborn, pride-filled, uninformed decisions that lead to bad policies for me and my family and an even worse reputation abroad.

I mean, I don’t think I’m asking for a lot. I want:

  • Religion out of my government and out of my schools
  • Guaranteed health care for every tax payer
  • Guaranteed health care for every child
  • Respect for intelligence and analysis
  • Countrymen and women who vote based on issues other than abortion
  • Countrymen and women who won’t try to intervene in the lives of two consenting adults
  • A stable economy
  • A president who thinks education and elitism is an asset, not a liability
  • Comprehensive, accurate, and agenda-free┬ásex education for our children

Having realized that the Right is steadily out-breeding the Left and that common sense and logical, enlightened thinking are taking a backseat to religion and “morals,” I have been trying to convince the Ex that we should become expats. Not in the “I’m fleeing to Canada” sort of way – more in the “Now seems like a good time to expose our son to other cultures” sort of way. I think Americans are really ignorant to the rest of the world and I want to absorb myself (and my family) in an international – not a national – world.

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3 Replies to “Moving to Canada, Eh?”

  1. What a great post! You’ve summed up my feelings very concisely. I especially liked your points regarding “Respect for intelligence and analysis” and “Countrymen and women who vote based on issues other than abortion,” although, these could be the same issue.

    I’m very concerned about this country and what I tell my kids about it…

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