The Left Needs to Outbreed the Right

Okay, I’m mad. I’m sick and tired of stupid people making stupid decisions that have tremendous impact on our country.

McCain and Obama are neck and neck in the polls right now, despite McCain’s seemingly obvious onset of senility, despite Sarah “Putin is My Neighbor” Palin, despite the Republicans lack of a concrete economic plan, and despite a campaign that even Karl Rove himself said has gone too far.

Any intelligent person can see that McCain-Palin is a horrible choice for our country. It’s such a bad option that it would almost be laughable – that is, if there weren’t the very real possibility that they could get elected.

Here’s how I see it. Stupidity is overrepresented in our current election process. Simply put, there are too many stupid people. Stupid people, on average, have more children than do intelligent people. Over time, this means the ratio of stupid : intelligent keeps growing. And, it means the probability of catastrophically stupid decisions being made increases.

Ideally, the left would just outbreed the right. But, since responsible, smart people don’t want to have a litter of kids, there needs to be another solution. The best solution I see is to have a weighted voting system. Every person would have a number that would represent their weight. Their vote would be multiplied by their number.

People could increase their numbers in the following ways:

  1. High-School Graduate: +1
  2. 2-Year College Graduate: +2
  3. 4-Year College Graduate: +3
  4. Post-Graduate Degree: +4

Of course, there are things that could lower people’s numbers, too, such as:

  1. Birthed More Than Five Children: -1
  2. Voted for Bush the First Time: -2
  3. Voted for Bush the Second Time (when you should have known better): -5
  4. Think the World Was Really Created in 7 Days: -10

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3 Replies to “The Left Needs to Outbreed the Right”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. My bf takes it one step further and thinks Americans should pay a fine for having more than 2 kids. There’s some grotesque show on tlc about a family with 12 children they can’t afford, and I bet they think dinosaurs were a made up government conspiracy.

  2. “those who ignore history are doomed to vote republican” 🙂

    @Date Girl…I think I’ve seen that show. Once. I guess noone told the mom it’s a uterus, not a clown car…

  3. Yep – well, with this scheme, I get 4 votes! Yay. And since the ‘Publican voted for Bush (although he says he held his nose while doing it), that subtracts some votes, so we’re all on the positive side for Obama. I’m sure he’ll be glad to know this.

    Uterus as clown car? Box car is more likely . . . LOL.

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