Runaway Bunny

My two year old son ran away from school today. He started in a new class – the big kid class – and apparently, wasn’t a fan of change. Luckily, he only made it to the hallway before he was intercepted by the school admin.

This makes me wonder if bolting from school might be a family trait. My brother ran away from elementary school when we were kids. He was in first grade and told his teacher he was going to the bathroom. Instead, he went to his locker, gathered his belongings, and made a dash for it. He made it halfway home before anyone realized what happened. Finally, the Principal caught him in her car. At that point, he was over a mile away from the school. (Shocking, yes, but you gotta admire the kid’s strategic planning abilities at the tender young age of six.)

Ha! You thought I was just going to rag on Sarah “If you don’t vote for me, you’re sexist” Palin, didn’t you?

Oh, believe me. My take on the Republican Convention is on its way.

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  1. Children are such fidgets. It is difficult for them to sit in one and the same place listening to a person. That’s why it’s up to a teacher to make leraning interesting for childen.

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