I Need a Drink

It’s Tuesday night and I have just survived four solid days of stay-at-home momhood. To all you mothers out there who do this full time, hats off.

Gavin’s school was closed today, so our three day weekend became a four day weekend. A four day weekend without Daddy. (My Ex is on a trip to California right now.) 96 hours of 100% Gavin and Mommy time. No plans. Nothing.

I wouldn’t say it was a complete disaster, but here are some¬†tidbits to give you an idea of how the weekend went:

  • Average time Gavin went into bed each night: 8:30 pm
  • Average time Gavin fell asleep each night: 11 pm
  • Number of bottles of wine consumed by me: 3
  • Accompaniments to my wine: Crackers… okay, make that goldfish crackers
  • Number of pharmacies where Gavin went running behind the prescription counter: 2
  • Number of monsters I have had to extradite from Gavin’s bedroom: 8
  • Name of the video I rented to “get a break” during Gavin’s nap time: Fat Burning Dance Party
  • Hours I have spent trying to delete said video from the Netflix queue so my Ex doesn’t see it: 2
  • Seconds til my Ex gets home: 8,640

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3 Replies to “I Need a Drink”

  1. I know about those long weekends with goldfish crackers and little kids and it’s just you in charge (I have 2 girls, they are older now though) – yeah…feels like a month packed into a couple of days!

    When I try to burn fat it just doesn’t feel like a party – how did it go?

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