McCain Should Have Picked a Jew

You know, I don’t even find this stuff shocking anymore. GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s 17 year old daughter, Bristol, is 5 months pregnant. She is a senior in high school who is planning on keeping her baby and marrying its father. Her pro-life, deeply Christian mom has said that she is very proud of Bristol for having her baby and is excited to become a grandmother.

See, that’s where Jewish mothers are different. First of all, Jewish mothers are pro-not being humiliated by their children. Had I gotten pregnant at 17, my mother would have driven me to an abortion clinic so fast that she would have burned the rubber off her tires. And the whole way there, she would have made it abundantly clear just how not proud she was.

And, were I stupid enough to try to marry the teenage boy who knocked me up, my Jewish mother would have laughed. Hard. Then she undoubtedly would have locked me in my room (just in case). Next, she would have driven over to said boy’s house and threatened his life, thus eliminating all possibility of my ever speaking to him again, let alone marrying him.

I guess I just can’t understand mothers who don’t judge their children. Where is the guilt? The shame? The feelings of disappointment? What kind of half-assed parenting is this? And if Sarah Palin can’t even get tough with her own kids, how the hell could she handle Putin?

McCain should have picked a Jew. That’s all I’m saying.

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4 Replies to “McCain Should Have Picked a Jew”

  1. Or a Catholic! Or hell, even a pseudo-Lutheran. We’re full of guilt, shame, disappointment and not living up to standards. Although they’re living in Wasilla, BFE. So take that with a hefty grain of kosher salt.

  2. WOW! You dare presume that Sarah Palin is not disappointed or ashamed by Bristol’s pregnancy? What did you expect the woman who’s running for the vice-presidency to say? That we are now about to disown our daughter? Come on!

    Further, I’m Jewish. My mother worked and raised four boys and a dog essentially on her own after my parents got divorced. There were a lot of things we did as children that embarrassed my mother and she let us know by marching us wherever we needed to to make amends for the typical backyard crimes most kids commit at one point or another; and there are a lot of things she did as a parent that embarrassed us as children. But both my father and my mother did not believe in abortion.

    Depending if you are orthodox, conservative, or reform, it’s likely you will have different views on abortion, but if you are Jewish at all, you know that the Jewish philosophy is to CHOOSE LIFE. Only when the mother’s life is in jeopardy because of a pregnancy does Judaism actually condone abortion–and that holds true whether you are reform, conservative, orthodox, reconstructionist, or whatever.

    Technically, Judaism is against birth control as well. The seed is not supposed to be spilled or wasted–hence prohibitions on masturbation, birth control, and wearing condoms.

    For you to imply that all Jews are liberal and pro-abortion and automatically out to abort all unmarried teen-pregancies is just insulting beyond belief.

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