Veep, Veep!

I woke up this morning, thinking, “Wow. That was a crazy dream I had last night. I imagined McCain picked some unknown, inexperienced, right-wing nut job from a disconnected state as his Vice President. I’m so crazy. No more wine before bed anymore!”

And then I opened my laptop to find that, crazier yet, it wasn’t a dream.

McCain’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is really, really scary. First of all, she has no national experience at all. She barely even has any state level experience, having been Alaska’s Governor for less than two years. Before that, she was the mayor of a podunk town and before that, a self-described “hockey mom.”

Palin is 44, which makes her three years younger than Obama. Obama was a state senator for 8 years and a U.S. senator for 3 years, which makes him far more experienced than Palin. McCain’s biggest criticism of Obama throughout the campaign has been his supposed “lack of experience.” I guess, it turns out, experience really isn’t that important after all, huh Johnny?

McCain praises Palin for her “tenacity” and being tough on the issues. But what issues? Social issues? Everyone knows that social issues don’t actually matter and are only used as a tool to pander to the less intelligent “values voters” who lack both an understanding of manipulative political tactics as well as a general understanding of how our country works. In my mind, Sarah Palin can be boiled down like this:

  • She claims to be a feminist… but strongly opposes a woman’s right to choose
  • She claims to be “moral”… but is under investigation for retaliatory firing of her ex-brother in law after he divorced her sister
  • She claims to be concerned with preservation… but sued the federal government for placing the polar bear on the endangered species list, saying it would discourage drilling for oil in Alaska
  • She claims to be pro life… but is a member of the NRA and pro guns
  • She claims to be intelligent… but was a former Miss Alaska contestant

The scariest part of this entire circus is that McCain, at 72 years old, would become the oldest elected president in history. He has a history of cancer – including a melanoma that was removed during the campaign. The possibility of his death or incapacitation during his term is very, very real. And if that happened, guess who would be in charge of the country, meeting with foreign leaders? That’s right! Zero economic or foreign policy experience herself – Sarah Palin.

The move to add Palin to his ticket was a very sad attempt by McCain to appeal to women voters, to basically try and capture some of the former Hillary supporters. But Palin is the exact antithesis of everything Clinton stood for. Furthermore, suggesting that one woman can be substituted cleanly for another is disgusting. But then, I suppose that’s been McCain’s approach for years anyway.

Shame on you, Johnny, for thinking so little of women’s intelligence and for disgracing your entire party with such a poor choice.

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4 Replies to “Veep, Veep!”

  1. I don’t like either of them but it’s okay that he picked her because it was a moot choice, they are going to lose to the Dems.

  2. Very very dirty, liar and stupid attack on Governer Sarah Palin. She is the best choice for America.
    Wake up USA before it is too late.

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