Hooray for Hillary!

Call me a giant loser, but sitting here watching replays from the Democratic Convention is giving me chills. (By the way, “call me a giant loser” is just intended as an expression. I’ll appreciate no one leaving me comments actually calling me a giant loser, Mom.)

Hillary’s speech was fantastic! She was poised, she was direct, she was eloquent. And how radiant did she look in orange?! Simply glowing!

I can only hope that this speech shuts up those moronic naysayers who claim Hillary supporters won’t vote for Obama. Such a concept has always seemed to be absurd. Clinton and Obama’s proposed policies were nearly identical. If you supported what Hillary stood for, you supported what Obama stood for by default. Unless of course you simply supported women, and even then, I think I could make a pretty strong case that Obama’s got more of what you’re interested than McCain does. The only reason I could even fathom why Clinton supporters might not vote for Obama is out of bitterness and spite for Clinton’s loss – but then, isn’t that the exact stereotype that women are trying to get away from?

So hooray for Hillary for delivering such a critical and well-worded speech! (I suppose that warrants a hooray for her speechwriters, too!) Hooray for Obama! Hooray for a unified Democratic party! Hooray for giving the so-called “Red” states the governance that is best for them no matter how hard they try to spite themselves!

Go Dems.

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5 Replies to “Hooray for Hillary!”

  1. I completely agree. Her speech was fantastic. I wish she was running, but I would much rather have Obama than have another Republican in the White House. Any Hillary fan that doesn’t vote for Obama is cutting off their nose to spite their face.

  2. You are 100% right on track. The speech was fantastic.

    I too was a Hillary supporter and very disappointed with the outcome. But I was disappointed because my candidate lost. It had nothing to do with being against Obama.

    But the Democrats spoke and in the end we will come together to make sure we don’t have another eight years of mismanagement.

    Go Dems!

  3. Yes, go Dems! I am so excited for this election. First time I’ve been fired up or felt much hope for a candidate. I was an Obama supporter from the beginning, but I did think he and Hilary could make a great team. I do hope all the Hilary fans out there do the right thing and vote for Obama, because you’re right, their views are so similar. Let’s see some change people!

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