Cindy McCain’s Hidden Half-Sister

I’m sure it surprises exactly no one that I’m not too keen on the second Mrs. McCain. Aside from being a vapid home wrecker who looks far too much like a vampire for my personal comfort, Cindy McCain is a liar.

See, if your husband is running for President, we as the American people would like to hear you speak. Open your mouth from time to time, tell us you care about health care or poverty or orphans in Africa. It really doesn’t matter what the topic is – it just matters that you have something quasi-intelligent to say. And, oh yeah, it has to be the truth.

Cindy McCain has decided to open her pink lipsticked mouth, but unfortunately what she has to say is neither intelligent nor the truth. (Go figure.) In retelling stories of her childhood, Cindy McCain has said that she was an “only child.” Enter Kathleen Hensley Portalski, daughter to Jim Hensley, aka Cindy McCain’s father.

You see, Cindy (whose middle name, by the way, is Lou. Quite amusing that she shares her name with a main character in ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’), when you share the same father with someone, that makes you siblings.

Jim Hensley was married to Mary Jeanne Hensley in 1943, the year their daughter Kathleen was born. However, when Jim was injured during WW II, he was sent to recuperate in West Virginia where he met another woman, Marguerite Smith. In 1945, he divorced Mary Jeanne to marry Marguerite, and nine years later, Cindy Lou (Hoo) was born. Does this story sound ironically familiar to anyone else? Talk about a Freudian analysis!

Cindy McCain knew her half-sister, Kathleen, with whom she reportedly spent some holidays growing up. Kathleen Hensley Portalski says she is upset and feels like “a non-person” by her sister’s continual assertion that she is an only child.

Kathleen has stated that she would like acknowledgement or an apology. When NPR asked the McCain campaign to respond or comment, no reply was received.

Idiots, idiots, idiots.

Now compare Cindy Lou (Hoo) McCain with Michelle Obama, who is bright, articulate and a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School. (Also, Michelle is not a liar.) Do we really want to elect a leader who would choose debatably attractive, fib-telling arm candy as his life partner over someone who can challenge and expand his thinking? Really, America?

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6 Replies to “Cindy McCain’s Hidden Half-Sister”

  1. Well actually, she may consider herself an only child to her mother and father. My mother and father had three children, after a divorce my father got remarried and here comes another child. A girl I’ve seen and spent some holidays with. I’ve never spent any considerable time around her and have no real relationship with her. I tell people have I two sisters, not three. I don’t I’ve even ever referred to her as a sister. I don’t really consider her a sister, just my fathers other daughter. We may be related by a common family member but that’s about it. She may biologically be my half sister but I don’t call her such or even feel like we are anything.

    I don’t know much about John McCain’s wife and I’m not supporting McCain but as bad as I feel for this other women, I can understand where McCain is coming from. My sisters are the people I grew up with and loved. I wouldn’t use the term on someone else who I feel nothing for just because she’s my father’s kid. In her mind, she’s an only child. Just because you spend a few days a year with someone and have a blood connection with them, it doesn’t make them family.

  2. I have a half brother and a half sister as well as a brother and sister with both my parents. I don’t consider my half brother and sister anything less than my other two siblings. This equal footing could be that I spent several high school years with them (though they were preschool age) and grew quite close to them. I don’t think that the classification matters as much as the familial bond and I do not think of my half brother and sister as half. I realize that everyone has their own way, this is mine.

  3. Not to mention that McCain’s wife also abused Rx medication that I believe she stole from a non-profit that she worked with. Tsk tsk. She creeps me out.

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