Handmade, Custom Wallets

Okay, time for an embarrassing confession: I have had the same cheap wallet since I was in eighth grade. (I’m now in my mid-twenties, so hopefully that will give you a sense of how disgusting said wallet is.)

A few weeks ago, I finally decided that it was time to splurge on a new wallet. As impressive as I’m sure my clients find my financial responsibility, something about me pulling out a tattered, canvas wallet with dangling zipper enclosures during business lunches just doesn’t instill the confidence and professionalism they’re after.

Luckily, I found a shop in Seattle that makes handmade, custom wallets. The shop is called Laura Bee Designs and they take orders both in person and online. And they’re cheap, too! I ordered a full-size, custom wallet for $26. The quality is decent, not amazing, but the styles are really cute. They also make handbags, too – depending on how my wallet wears, I may be going back there a lot!

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