Edwards Admits to Affair, But Denies Fathering Child

John Edwards has come forward and admitted to lying about the affair he was having with Rielle Hunter, a videographer for his campaign.

Edwards said that he was, in fact, having an affair with Hunter, but that the child cannot be his due to timing. However, Edwards has not consented to taking a paternity test. If the baby wasn’t his, don’t you think he’d be quick to take the test and prove it? It’s clearly his child. He also said that he did visit Hunter and her baby at the Beverly Hilton in July. Again, if it’s not his baby and the affair is over, why is he visiting them?

Edwards will respond to the scandal during a Nightline interview tonight.

The whole thing is just so sad, especially considering that his wife, who campaigned hard for her husband, is dying of cancer. My bet is that he won’t admit to fathering the baby while Elizabeth is alive so as not to cause her more pain – not that he seemed real concerned about preventing her pain before.

Though, dare I ask – if you’re running for President and having an affair, wouldn’t you use protection?

Shocking. Sad. I’m sorry to see that this appears to be one story the National Enquirer got right.

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4 Replies to “Edwards Admits to Affair, But Denies Fathering Child”

  1. Just another hypocrite politician. Can’t say morality is just reserved for one party or the other these days!

    But – if you’re gonna be running on morality – it might be a good idea to clean house first!

  2. His career in politics is likely over, and thankfully it didn’t end with him as the 2008 Democratic presumptive nominee.

    Though painful, least the revelation wasn’t a complete shock to his poor wife, as Edwards apparently told her about it (or at least his version of “it” back in 2006).

    Great post!

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