Are You Smarter Than a Two-Year Old?

Despite my Harvard degree (and oh yeah, that was with honors), apparently I’m not.

I always knew the day would come when my precocious little offspring would surpass me in intellect. I guess I just envisioned it happening closer to age 18 rather than at age 2. (Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m proud as hell that my son is quite bright. The problem is that I am really, really competitive and I don’t like being wrong.)

An example from earlier this week:

Gavin: Mommy, what do whales eat?

Me: I don’t know, fish I suppose.

Gavin (laughing like I made a joke): No, Mommy! Whales don’t eat fish.

Me: Well, then what do they eat?

Gavin: Plankton!

What I wanted to say was, “Oh yeah, I knew that.” Of course, what I actually said was, “Plankton! Of course! How silly of Mommy.”

A little while later, once Gavin was happily distracted by some toy trains, I did a Google search for “what do whales eat” and discovered, thanks to that venerable source of information, Wikipedia, that most whales eat plankton while some do, in fact, eat fish.

“Gavin!” I shouted. “They do eat fish! Some whales do eat fish!”

Gavin looked at me, dumbfounded, before breaking into hysterical giggles. “Mommy is funny!”

What I wanted to say was, “I’m not funny, Gavin. I’m right!” What I did say was nothing and went into the kitchen to make dinner.

I guess you can’t win ’em all. Though I did bookmark the page, just in case the topic comes up again… 😉

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6 Replies to “Are You Smarter Than a Two-Year Old?”

  1. Hilarious. I’m the same way! Although, I would have tried to figure out a way to prove that, although it may be a stretch, Plankton might, just might be considered a type of fish. (But I would be wrong because I Googled Plankton before I wrote this comment.) So I, too and not smarter than a 2 year old. sigh.

  2. Nerd alert: Baleen whales (Mysticeti) eat krill, and large amounts of ’em! While krill could be categorized as zooplankton, they’re technically crustaceans. Whereas toothed whales (Odontoceti) eat small fish. Apparently I’m smarter than a 2 year old, but I also love marine biology and I actually paid attention in all of my science classes. English and History? Not so much …

  3. some of the best posts are about kids. I argued with my 13 year old a few weeks ago over sugar crisp. he swore up and down they didn’t have that cereal when I was a kid. LOL.

  4. My 6 year old tells me everything and asks a million questions and I never feel quite up to par. She told me about how tadpoles develop to adults in each step. Kids are amazing!

  5. Cute stories! My youngest are in Middle School right now. Flexing mental muscles and challenging Mom and Dad ratchet up exponentially as years pass; yet, nothing really ever out does a two year old’s fit on the floor of a public place.

    Now, my 20 year old daughter, a pre-med/chemistry major can look at just about anything and tell you its chemical composition. She knows when she steers the conversations WAY over my head, because my responses are along the lines of “Wow, Alexa, you sure are pretty” or “Hey, why don’t you go solve pi.”

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