“Close Your Computer, Mommy”

This is a phrase I unfortunately hear my two-year old son say with alarming frequency.

Last week, the epic conflict of Gavin vs. Mommy’s Work Laptop came to a head. I walked into my living room one afternoon last week to find Gavin squeezing the water out of approximately 80 of his yellow, rubber bath companions directly onto my laptop (which was, at the time, resting perfectly innocently on our coffee table).

Now, I would chalk this up to general two-year old antics if not for the fact that we had had a discussion about not mixing water and electronics not even 24 hours prior to that. This was a very deliberate and smart, though mischievous, way to rid our family of my evil work computer.

I told relayed the story to my manager, who suggested I stop working so much and make an effort to spend more quality time with my son. I realized that I had been neglecting his needs and was saddened that it took someone else to make me realize it.

I changed my behavior drastically this week. Instead of coming home from work and half-watching Gavin / half-sending email, I didn’t even take my computer out of its bag. I made sure that the 4 hours we spent together each evening were 100% devoted to Gavin. We went to the local Farmer’s Market one night, the playground another, and even baked brownies together!

The result has been a special closeness between the two of us, one that I didn’t even realize was missing. While it is important that I work hard and succeed so that my son has a good, comfortable life, it is even more important that I am there for him now. From now on, when Gavin is awake, my computer will be closed.

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7 Replies to ““Close Your Computer, Mommy””

  1. Good for you! I am not as good at keeping the computer closed as I should be. It is great that you have a boss that understands work life balance. That is rare.

  2. I think it is great that you are really trying to achieve a more balanced work/life routine!

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  3. This is just the first of many lessons your child will teach you. Enjoy them!
    You think feeding a toddler is hard, try feeding a teenager, ha ha!

  4. I know how you feel! I try to devote most of my time to my girls but do find that some days I spend more time than I should on the computer. I too am making an effort. I need to get over my blog addiction.

  5. I was working at home for several months, and it quickly took over practically every minute of my life. My 7-year-old daughter would come into my room several times every day and say, “What are you doing mommy? (no pause) Let me guess…working.”

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