Unrepentant Facebook Photos Land Boy in Jail

I know I’ve said this in nearly every one of my posts, but I think it bears restating: I truly loathe stupid people. The following story is a perfect example of idiocy compounded exponentially.

Just two weeks after Joshua Lipton was charged in a drunk driving accident that seriously injured a woman and left her hospitalized, the 20-year old college junior attended a Halloween party dressed as a prisoner in an orange jumpsuit. His friends posted pictures from the party on Facebook and it wasn’t long before they made their way to the hands of the attorney prosecuting the case. The pictures were used as evidence in court to show that Lipton lacked remorse for what he had done. The result? The judge slapped Lipton with two years in jail.

Let this be a lesson to all you stupid people out there. If you’re awaiting sentencing for a DUI that left someone hospitalized, it’s probably not a great idea to publicly mock the situation.

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7 Replies to “Unrepentant Facebook Photos Land Boy in Jail”

  1. Stupid people irritate me too! The fact that some people have no actual common sense or sometimes even brain wave activity astounds me. How do they get by from day to day? It just amazes me.

  2. It is a shame it has to go that far sometimes, but some people need a good ass whooping to wake up. I hope he comes out less stupid than when he went in. What a waste!

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