Day 3 of The Visit

It is Day 3 of The Visit from my mother and grandmother and somehow, my head hurts worse than it did yesterday. I’m three coffees and four Advil in right now, and my ex has a bottle of vino on hand for later this evening (though I think I may still be averse to alcohol after last weekend’s escapades). Somebody help me.

This morning, my grandmother decided not take a taxi the five blocks to my apartment like she did yesterday. It would have been silly to waste money on such a short distance. Instead, my grandmother went to the coffee shop on the corner of the street and asked if anyone happened to be headed this direction. Some young, unsuspecting poor soul admitted he was going to be driving the tenth of a mile by my place and so my grandmother *hitched a ride* with him.

I arrived home from work early, as I felt bad being in the office when they had flown all this way to visit me. What thanks did I receive? Why, my mother announcing (in front of my ex, no less) that she had not packed enough underwear for the three day trip and needed to “borrow” a pair of mine. I put borrow in quotations because she is taking it, not borrowing – there is no way in hell those underwear are going back on my body. “Just give me whatever you don’t wear anymore,” she said. “I don’t care what they look like.”

So I did.

Four pairs of my underwear later, my mother finally decided on one she liked enough.

My ex, sensing my not-so-subtle exasperation and whispers of “I want to kill myself” kindly offered to cook dinner for us, so that I could get some work done in peace while Thing One and Thing Two play with Gavin. Out of gratitude to him, I’m providing the link to a new site he’s been working on, called United for One Cause. It’s the new widget in my right-hand sidebar and it’s actually a pretty cool concept. Check it out, if you’re so inclined.

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4 Replies to “Day 3 of The Visit”

  1. I had a college roommate who used to “borrow” my underwear all the time. To get them really clean before she returned them to me, she used bleach so they were never the same color upon return. Totally gross.

    And I can’t believe your Grandma hitched a ride! That is too funny.

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