Who Does Your Baby Look Like?

According to this really cool site I found this morning, my son looks 17% more like me than he does like my ex. (I made my son give me a high-five for dominant genes after I found out.)

This is really fun! You basically upload a photo of the child, mother, and father, and their technology scans your faces to determine who the child more resembles. I tried it a few times, with different pictures, and the results were the same each time. I don’t know what their criteria is or what features they evaluate, but I’m sure it’s discussed somewhere on the site. (I was too lazy to look for it / too busy celebrating the triumph of my genes.)

Anyway, here is the link: http://www.myheritage.com/look-alike-meter

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6 Replies to “Who Does Your Baby Look Like?”

  1. I am happy to say that yes my two girls now grown took after me. And, all four of my grandsons did also.

    I am 1/4 Cherokee, but, the other genes are German. And wow the German genes must be very strong indeed.

    All of us have the very light fair skin and blond blond hair.

    Great share…thank you!!:-))))

  2. I wish I could say I needed that site to tell me who my kids look like. However, my husband’s genes are so dominant, there is no question. There’s not much of me in their looks- they look like “mini-me’s” of him.

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