Clinton Won’t Go Away

Talk about a case of sour grapes.

Despite Obama securing the democratic nomination last week, Hillary Clinton refuses to go away. At the beginning of the campaign, I admired her tenacity and determination. But what once was a great strength has, in recent weeks, turned into an apparent weakness.

Rather than conceding graciously to Obama after his win and uniting the Democratic party, Clinton gave a speech to a group of supporters at Baruch College in Manhattan where she danced around the topic. She has suspended her campaign, but because she has not conceded to Obama, she still retains all of her delegates. More importantly, however, she is contributing to an image crisis for Obama. The sentiment that is conveyed through her persistence, long past the point of it being appropriate, is that Obama is unable to shake her. This inability to “put away” the nomination has been said by some to signal weakness (regardless of whether that signalling is warranted or not) – the last quality any presidential candidate ever wants to embody.

Not only is Clinton doing a great disservice to Obama, she is doing one to the American people. She’s contributing to fractures in the Democratic Party at a time when we need to be unified more than ever. Rather than urging her supporters to back the nominee, Clinton is continuing her friendly fire on him, leading many of her supporters to claim they rather vote for John McCain than Barack Obama (a ridiculous statement, if you ask me). Think back to the 2000 election – Clinton is the Nader to Obama’s Gore!

Lastly, she is doing an enormous disservice to herself. Her behavior and conduct is unbecoming of one who would be President. She is pragmatic and bright and has all the leadership abilities in the world, but a statesman she is not. If she wishes to have a future in politics, her wisest move would be to throw the full weight of her support behind Obama immediately. Oh, and while she’s at, she ought to look into getting Bill a prescription of Zoloft or something. Seriously, one more loony outburst from him and I think she needs to start telling people the man has Tourettes.

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