Voted Out of Kindergarten

In a shockingly cruel story out of Florida, a kindergarten teacher recently held a public classroom vote to decide whether a five-year-old boy should be kicked out of the class:
The mother of a five-year-old who was voted out of his kindergarten class is considering a suit against the teacher. The children were allowed to tell the boy everything they disliked about him, and then voted on whether he would stay in the class…
Alex hasn’t been back to school since then, and Barton said he won’t be returning. He starts screaming when she brings him with her to drop off his sibling at school.

Thursday night, his mother heard him saying “I’m not special” over and over.

As a mother, this literally made me cry. That poor child! What is wrong with that teacher? She’s lucky that I am not Alex’s mother, or I promise you that she surely would have been beaten up by now. I hope she gets fired and that charges are filed against the school.

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14 Replies to “Voted Out of Kindergarten”

  1. I can’t even imagine what might be in a teacher’s (or anybody’s ) mind doing such a thing to a child. I think they would have to tie me down to stop me from going there and strangling her. Very, very sad story.

  2. Oh my goodness what is wrong with people! That is terrible! Being ganged up on like that. That teacher definitely needs to be dealt with. I know I would have gone crazy if that was my baby. I feel horrible to think of how that poor baby was feeling during all of that.

  3. Wow!! I just saw the story on t.v. then read more about Alex. Our school works extremely hard to conquer the “Bully thing” with kids. . This situation to me seems as if a TEACHER is doing the bullying, shame on her! I have 4 children and my youngest is in pre-school. It was a very trying year for one young boy in her classroom. I experienced it a lot too as I was room mother. Our teacher was incredible though and even in the end claims that there was never any harm done “kids will be kids”!! What ever happened to that prospect….we want them to grow up soooo quickly anymore! Best of Luck!!

  4. Teacher gives a lesson in prejudice to 5 year olds….
    This woman is not only a awful teacher, she is a awful human being.
    She needs to apologize to this young boy….and then she needs to be voted out of the school system. Her entire class will be effected by this. She gave the other students a lesson in prejudice that day.

  5. I’m with ya on this one. They would have dragged me out in cuffs after I “voted out” the teacher from that class room!

    What a disgrace. People like that should not be anywhere near children.

  6. Cruel and disgusting. I’m glad there are so many wonderful teachers throughout the country, it’s a shame a sick individual like this reflects on the others too often.

  7. I wrote about this today after seeing it on the news yesterday morning. What i can’t believe is that the school isn’t taking a hard line on this.

  8. i think we should go down there en masse and tell this teacher (and school) all the things we dislike about her (them) and then take a vote to see if she gets to keep her job. or dignity.

    i know an eye for an eye is not quite grown up, but in this case, i throw it all out the window.

  9. Does anyone know whether that teacher is a parent? Although my kids had one or two excellent teachers who had no children of their own, most of the non-parent teachers they had were lacking in some basic common sense skills when it came to dealing with children. Nothing as horrible as this, thank goodness.

  10. That is interesting. I wonder why exactly she held the vote. I think this is an unfortunate child, although I’m not concerned about the child per se. I’m actually more curious to why exactly this child’s future is being voted on. Maybe there is indeed an appropriate reason why he was being removed via class vote.

    For example: the child has enuresis, or encopresis (e.g., inappropriate elimination of urine or feces), Attention/Deficit Hyper Activity (combined) and is extremely disruptive, perhaps another psychopathology that is creating an environment non-conducive to learning/teaching.

    In those particular cases, it is actually nothing of a “recent trend” that those types of things occur. Actually, in the past it was regarded as expulsion, or the child was deemed ill equipped to attend school and was removed from the school. (At this point they would typically attend a “needs” school).

    I tend to side with teacher that attempt to prove points. Now if this is point about racial issues, there are better evidence-based teaching practices; although, much like “The Wave” experiment sometimes the best way to learn, reflect, and develop a sense of morality is by actually committing an immoral act.

    If you’d like to know more about my logic, and this particular argument, I’m willing to entertain questions.

    Ultimately, I don’t know enough about the story and I don’t plan on reading about it. I feel it is a bit hasty to cruscify the teacher without knowing more information.

    Also, if under the inappropriate context I agree. The teacher should be removed from that institution–but Not loose her license. She is still an educated woman–she just needs to learn better methods of teaching the subject, or needs a different level of students.

  11. Ok, well I just read the article.

    Actually, I side with the teacher. Moreover the administration would win the case–no doubt. Mothers and potential mothers there are INFINITELY better places for child with autism to attend. I do believe that SOME (quite the key word here) children with Aspurgers Disorder can attend regular school and not be completely disruptive, but they are rare. This is not a case of someone who is in a normal functional level. Indeed, his intellect is there and he can function in that particular area. But, when the child attempts to interact they will find it quite difficult to ever “fit in” and they should consider an alternative solution to the problem.

    I highly recommend a child/adolescent psychopathologist, clinical psychologist, or other appropriate personnel actually find placement for the child or create a better learning environment for not only the A.D. child but the other children.

    (mind you I do not carry a Ph.D., I am just very aware of the issues that lay behind child/adolescent psychopathology.)

    Just because an individual has A.D. does not mean they are without affect.

  12. Sorry Nate, but you are way out of line with your siding with the teacher.

    While part of what you say may be true, the teacher doesn’t have the right to make those decisions, nor did she have the right to carry out such a despicable act as what she did!

    If she were concerned about the child’s behavior or lack of social skills, she should have conferenced with the child’s parents, spoken to the school principal, social worker, whomever!

    To take it upon herself to place this child center ring, and allow his classmates to tell him terrible things about himself, then to vote him out of the class as if he were a non person?

    The teacher needs to lose her job, her license to teach, and I hope and pray that the parents of this child sue her for defamation of that poor boys character!

    A little prison time wouldn’t hurt her any either!

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