Please Ask, Please Tell

As much as I realize this will be (yet another) inflammatory thought that I should have filtered before speaking, I simply cannot help it…so, here goes: Some people should not have the right to vote.

This comment stems from some recent opinion I have read regarding California’s decision to allow gay marriage. To me, and to other rational, intelligent people, this is a no-brainer. In fact, I think it’s pretty insulting that we’d even have to debate whether or not two consenting adults could be together based on our own personal values and preferences. I think we should legalize gay marriage and then, just to ensure the maintanence of dignity, pass a follow on amendment stating that this law can never be revoked or even debated again.

I truly think opposing gay marriage says something about your intelligence (or significant lack thereof) and could be a very useful tool in screening unqualified individuals out of our democratic process. Think of it as a litmus test. It could be the first question asked on every voter application! “Do you support gay marriage? If yes, continue application. If no, please put down your pen and proceed to nearest gay dance club immediately.” I really don’t know one person who has ever had a bad time at a gay dance club, no matter what his/her sexual orientation.

Most people who oppose gay marriage have some religious or “moral” (which is just a thinly veiled code word for “religious”) basis for their opposition. Hey, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. But since when did our country deny rights to certain groups based on religious rationale and bigotry? Since when did one religion control the dialogue over what was “moral”?

Furthermore, the two men or two women wanting to get married LOVE each other. Love is not something we should be attacking – it’s something we ought to be embracing. Isn’t there enough hatred and suffering in this world already without us having to add to it?

Honestly, the whole issue is just so infuriating. Our children and grandchildren are going to look back on us for this issue and wonder what was wrong with us to be this prejudiced and discriminatory. Years after gay marriage has been adopted universally, our progeny will wonder why the debate ever raged on for as long as it did. It’s barbaric, honestly. We need to get our act together and stop treating gay men and women as second-class citizens.

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14 Replies to “Please Ask, Please Tell”

  1. IMHO, the state shouldn’t even be involved in issuing”marriage” licenses. If a couple wants to get “married” then they should go to their church, temple, etc and have it performed. It should be civil unions (or contracts) for everybody–gay or hetero.

  2. VH – I agree on that. Marriage has a religious connotation (and meaning, for many). The state should issue contracts that two adults may enter into and that provide certain benefits.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more, already my grown children WTF is wrong with our generation of politicians. Come on people, a marriage is a contract between two consenting adults to make a life together, to be mates, partners.

  4. Yes! I agree completely. I have never understood what the problem and big deal is regarding gay marriage. Does it matter if you marry a man or woman as long as you are a consenting adult. I really think that there are alot more important issues to debate. Ridiculous. Great post.

  5. Erica said: “Since when did one religion control the dialogue over what was “moral”?”

    Well, for a very long time the far right has controlled much of what occurs in our country. Beginning in the 70’s, and growing stronger year by year.
    Yeah, it’s disgusting. Religion should have nothing to do with the laws of our country or state, but it does. Makes me sick.

    In any event, I concur with you wholeheartedly re gay marraige. Who cares whether a couple is male and female or male and male or whatever. It’s a really silly thing to even debate.

    Everyone should have the right to legalize their partnership with another human being, including the issuance of a license by the state.

  6. Cheers.

    You are the most self-righteous self-centered BITCH I have ever had the displeasure of coming in contact with. It’s a damn good thing there aren’t many extremist assholes such as yourself, or the world would be going to hell a lot faster than it already is.

    I wonder how large your head is, since you inflate is oh so often. Grab a humility pill, psycho.

  7. Hhmmm? I tend to think that the world has gone to hell because of people like McYummy being in charge.

    I for one am glad there are people like Erica out there or there would be no one willing to stand up for people’s rights.

  8. “Do you support gay marriage? If yes, continue application. If no, please put down your pen and proceed to nearest gay dance club immediately.” LOL! Have you ever been to R Place? Get your booty up to Capitol Hill ASAP. Best … place … ever! I think you know my answer to your question.

  9. Erica,

    Good decision to leave the McDummy comment. Shows the level of intelligence or lack there of.

    Let’s see… you post about tolerance of one another and compassion. He/she chose to spread hate and discontent. (hiding at that)

    All humans need to strive for more understanding and tolerance. Some however just lack the capacity I fear. Heartbreaking.

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