Can I Retire Yet?

I know I make a big deal out of having a career and being successful, but lately I’ve found myself fantasizing about retirement.

Granted, I am in no place to be thinking about retirement. At three weeks shy of age 26, I haven’t exactly put in my time quite yet. That said, I’m exhausted. I’m neglecting my writing, neglecting my health, and – worst of all – neglecting my son. I’m too tired and irritable when I get home at night to scarcely do more than microwave chicken nuggets, lie catatonic on the couch, and then beg him to go to sleep so I might do the same.

Today, as I was fielding about seven different requests from my client while simultaneously trying to print the very important documents for the very important meeting, I couldn’t help but wonder: Is it all worth it? When does the lifestyle improve? Will I ever get this time back?

Most days, I enjoy the fast pace and variety that consulting provides. On days like today, though, I look forward to the time when I have acquired enough specialized knowledge to quit consulting and land a cushy job in industry, one where I work 9 – 5, earn three times my current salary, and hire a slew of eager consultants to do my job for me.

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5 Replies to “Can I Retire Yet?”

  1. Can you retire? Yes.

    Only because if you can retire at 26, then dammit, so I can I. If that’s the case, then I’ve got a year of working left and this MBA will be pretty worthless to me.

  2. Yup, tough days and weeks will have anyone wishing for retirement. I remember being in consumer services many years ago–I was wishing for retirement everyday. I feel what you say when you mention neglecting your health and your boy: I remind myself that work is important but it won’t be there to hold my hand when I’m sick and old.

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