Mon Petit Artist

It’s been a crazy couple of days here. Gavin is sick again and hasn’t been sleeping. And when Gavin isn’t sleeping, no one is. So, due to mental and physical exhaustion, I’m going to keep this one short. Very short.

During Sick Day #1, Gavin got into the markers when I wasn’t looking and decided to color a picture. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on paper. Here is a view of my kitchen floor:

Leaving no canvas untouched, here is a picture of the artist’s feet:

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3 Replies to “Mon Petit Artist”

  1. Argh!!! That’ll be what my reaction would be. lol

    But look at the bright side, it would be a good talking point for years to come…

  2. he he he, sounds like what my granddaughter does too- write on my books , walls and her feet , hands and face. I can’t help but laugh when she comes to me with her face all written with ink.

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