I hate you, George W.

So not only did our reject of a leader introduce a stimulus package that will have little ability to actually stimulate the economy, but he also neglected to send me my check!

My SSN ends in 00 – 20 and I paid my taxes (yes, I owed money – tear) via direct deposit. Sooo… I should have received my check by May 2nd, which was 4 days ago. I even went to the IRS’ stupid “Where Is My Stimulus Payment?” tool and entered my info. Nothing! It couldn’t even locate a check that was on its way. A friend suggested that perhaps George knew I was a liberal and wasn’t very pleased with what I’ve been saying about him. I’m starting to think she might not be that far off…

To rub a half ton of salt in my gigantic wound, there is no phone number or email or ANYTHING where you can contact them to let them know that there has been a glitch. What if my stimulus check never comes? I need a 1-800 customer service number to dial!

I mean, I get it. The President occassionally lies. Or tells half-truths. Fibs, whatever. We’ve been here before and I’m not entirely (read: at all) surprised. But now we’re talking about money, people – my money. $300 of it. If I’m not coming after this administration for the $4,700 they’ve cost me in taxes to fund the War, the least they can do is send me my stimulus check.

I fully intend on writing a complaint letter. Just as soon as I can figure out where to send it.

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9 Replies to “I hate you, George W.”

  1. It’s possible that you didn’t qualify for a stimulus check. How much money did you make last year? (Random question from random internet guy)

  2. Quit being paranoid. I didn’t get mine either, and here’s the info from the IRS website:

    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 726.
    From outside the US call 215-516-2000.
    TTY/TDD: 1-800-829-4059

    It also tells me it would be MAILED on May 2, and I should wait 4 weeks before I FREAK OUT ABOUT IT

  3. Charles –

    Nope, I qualified. I checked the income limits, too.

    Thanks for your input, though! Wish I knew what was going on.

  4. Anonymous –

    When you filed your taxes, you selected the method for stimulus payment. Mine was direct deposit (as that is how I paid my taxes). It says I should receive my payment *via that method* no later than May 2.

    Making a statement to millions of Americans is pretty damn bold. No one said it had to be so definitive. If you can’t guarantee the payment date, don’t. It’s that simple. A lot of people were depending on it and made bill payment arrangements because of it.

    Anyway, this post so was semi-joking in spirit anyway (though it is NO joke that I think Bush ought to be impeached if not jailed for what he has done to our country in general while in office). Perhaps you ought to either backup your comments with your name or simply lighten up a bit, hmmm?


  5. LOL! And wait till you have to pay taxes on your “stimulus check” next year, then you’ll be as mad as a hornet. The government is supposed to be very good at printing out checks since they do it so often. As far as wiring funds? Lord knows.
    Ah, big government and the politicians that make the machine work…it never ceases to amaze me.

  6. I hope that I get my check and that there is some mistake and you get yours too. I don’t like him for just about everything else-especially the environment. I’m with you.

  7. As far as I can glean from your post, the non-delivery of your check has given you a lot of stimulus – to berate the President. 🙂 –Durano, done!

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