I’m not sure if Gavin is consciously trying to kill me, or if it just happens to be an unfortunate byproduct.

When he started daycare a year ago, I knew he’d be getting sick more often. While my ex and I worked, Gavin spent his first year at home, under the nurturing care of his grandmother. My ex’s mother had moved to Seattle from Phoenix so that she could help us by watching him during the weekdays. (As you can imagine, she remains one of my favorite people on the planet.) Being home, Gavin got sick very infrequently. Upon Gavin’s first birthday, however, my ex’s mother moved back down to Phoenix and Gavin started daycare.

I was prepared for some colds and perhaps the occasional rash. What I was not prepared for was the cauldron of germs I was about to plunge into.

It’s not just that Gavin started getting sick (and, often, thoughtfully sharing the fun with me). It’s that Gavin started getting sick quite creatively and often in ways I had never even heard of. Over the course of the past year alone, he’s come down with the following (and I’m sure there are more that I’m forgetting): pinkeye, norwalk virus, ear infections galore, and cellulitis (twice).

Cellulitis is by the far the craziest of all. In fact, what triggered me to write this post is the fact that we just returned from the pediatrician because Gavin has come down with cellulitis again. Cellulitis is an infection of the tissues beneath the skin and can occur in any part of your body. Gavin has had it in his left eyelid both times. Cellulitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection and is therefore easily treatable with antibiotics. The first time he had it, it came on suddenly. I went in his room to wake him up for daycare and this is what I found:

Scary, huh? Even scarier because it happened out of nowhere. He was seemingly fine when I put him to sleep the night before. Anyway, a visit to the ER and a week of strong antibiotics managed to clear this up. But I was already questioning myself and my (lack of) parenting abilities. My apartment was cleaner than most. Gavin received regular baths. How could he be this covered in bacteria this often?

To my dismay, he came down with cellulitis again this week. Same eye, same deal – a week of antibiotics to treat it. And while I worry about all these exotic illnesses my son manages to contract – the doctor assures me they’re all very common but I think he’s lying – my biggest concern is having to miss so much work as a result. I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to feel uncomfortable telling my boss that Gavin’s sick again. I really just need to find a way to keep him healthy. I’d love to get him fitted for a hazmat suit and call it a day…

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16 Replies to “Biohazard”

  1. Cellulitis is horrible. Maybe the infection persisted after the first round of antibiotics? I had MRSA cellulitis when I worked at Harborview. The nurses were popping up left and right with it. NASTY! Hope your little guy feels better.

  2. Hi, I’m a nosy herbalist! I found your blog through Entrecard.

    For eye problems, try making some chamomile tea and using the warm tea bag on his eye – it helps and doesn’t hurt…it makes pink eye and irritation clear up faster with the antibiotics!

    Also, vitamin C is the immune system’s friend! So is garlic. Orange juice and garlicky spaghetti can help him boost his immune system AND yours. 🙂

    I hope your beebee feels better soon! 🙂

  3. I know what your talking about. When my son went to daycare he was constantly sick. Hope he’ll be better. Thanks for your comment, I love how my Blog looks now.

  4. I’m sorry he’s sick. I never heard of it personally. Poor little guy, it’s hard for me to look at that picture! I’m sure as his mother it’s even harder. Hope he’s better real soon! 🙂
    Ps thanks for stopping by mine. Safeway sounds great with great prices, but unfortunately we don’t have any around my area. Take care and really hope your son is better soon!

  5. omigosh – poor baby! It must be so uncomfortable. 🙁 Hope he gets thru this quickly.

    Have you figured out how to explain this to the boss? Or maybe – is there an alternative to do at least some of your work from home?

    Good luck girl – looks like both you and Gavin are gonna need it. I’ll be thinking of you!

  6. Hope he gets well soon. I know how you feel I don’t know what to tell my boss whenever I have to be absent to take care of my son. But for me I would rather loose my job than to compromise the health of my son.

  7. Poor little guy! I stay at home with my girls but my 5 year old is in school and comes home with everything. I think that we spend all winter sick and at the urgent care. This year was awful by far so I can relate. Good luck and cute blog.

  8. Poor little guy and Poor old mom. Its painful and irritating when you are sick. Seeing him sick and constantly irritated can get on anyones nerves. So I hope he gets well soon. BE patient and take care of yourself too 🙂

  9. Actually you can take some comfort that thsose illnesses are quite common among children. A lot of us had to go through the samething. Hopefully as he gets a little older he will be ok. Keep the faith.

  10. Poor baby. It’s so very difficult to put your child in daycare…..especially when they constantly get sick. Hang in there—it does get better! 🙂

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, btw!

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