This is my first blog, so I’m not exactly sure how to begin. Okay, so that’s not entirely accurate. I’ve started about five other blogs before, but none have gotten past three posts, so I really don’t count them. This blog, though, is going to stick.

I’ve decided to try the whole blogging thing again for a few reasons. First, a good friend (and ex) has decided to create a blog empire (this will be explained in greater depth in coming posts) and, with my being an aspiring writer, I felt compelled to participate. He’s even reserved Spot #4 for me on his site, Million Blog List (http://www.millionbloglist.com/). I am truly the envy of every blogger in Singapore right now.

The second reason I have started blogging again has to do with my ambitions of being a writer. The closest I’ve come to being a published author thus far is when I wrote a dating guide in college. (While entertaining, Hooking Up: The College Girl’s Guide to Dating and Relationships is not about to get me reviewed in the New York Times anytime soon.) Thus, until I write my first real novel, blogging seems like a good way to keep my skills from gathering too much dust.

Finally, I’ve decided to blog so that my friends, family, random strangers, and, most importantly, my son, have a record of what the early years of being a new, young, and career-focused parent were like. Being a 25-year old, cynical, well-educated, Type A perfectionist who dislikes tardiness, messiness, confusion, and delay and who is raising a two-year old son with her ex, I typically find myself in some not-so-typical situations. (The other day, I actually heard myself utter the words, “If you flush your doggie down the toilet, you won’t have her anymore,” and had to wonder what had happened to my life.) Anyway, in short, I think my life will provide some interesting fodder to blog about – and I hope you agree! So, read on and enjoy. Feedback and comments welcome, of course. Just please be kind – I’m an ESFJ and don’t handle criticism well. (Kidding.) (Sort of.)

Oh, and the title for this blog was inspired by one of my son’s Thomas the Train DVDs. As you will see, Thomas has also become an – unfortunately – large theme in my life.

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